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Hi everyone!

Welcome to Aikapaikka official blog.

Before we moved to Japan, me and Ken used to live in Europe for several years. It was during these years that our joint passion for all things design and vintage started to shape our lives. The most perfect Sunday that we could think of was spending an afternoon visiting flea markets and antique shops just enjoying the atmosphere and getting inspired. We also loved to travel all over Europe to source vintage items, especially vintage furniture that we brought back with us to Japan.

I love old, vintage things. I love the fact that vintage items usually have such a warm feeling to them. These are items that have lasted for decades and carry many memories. Some of my most treasured items are actually items from my grandparents` place, from our old summer cottage or from my childhood home. The items that I love don`t even have to be perfect – actually usually it is the imperfection that makes them interesting. For tableware and china, I of course love the old Arabia and Iittala, which we also feature in our shop.

There are so many things I want to talk about in the blog, but most importantly I want to try to feature the atmosphere and way of living in my home country Finland. I want to blog about things that inspire me about Finland today, especially from the design point of view. So I might talk about the latest Finnish design trends, new up and coming Finnish designers, and even feature some of my own on going interior projects that I have at my home.

I hope you enjoy reading! I promise to update this blog regularly, so please keep on visiting us!!