Kauppahalli market in Oulu




ちなみにオウルのKauppahalli1は1901年にでき、Helsinki, Turkuに続いて3番目い古い建物です。


Hello again!

Sorry it`s been a little while since my last post! It`s been a little busy, but I am glad to be back on blogging. In the next few posts I will be sharing some photos I took in my home town, Oulu.

One of my favorite places in Oulu is the old Market Square, which also has the historic Kauppahalli (Market Hall) building. Kauppahalli market halls can be found in basically any major city, and if you have a chance, definitely pay a visit. These market halls are a home to independent shopkeepers selling locally produced items ranging from foods to handicrafts and souveniers. Kauppahalli`s are a great way to taste real local Finnish food – there are always cafes there too so you can rest and enjoy the atmosphere.

The Oulu Kauppahalli was established in 1901, and it`s the third oldest Kauppahalli after Helsinki and Turku halls.

In the middle of 1950s there were a total of 70 Kauppahalli`s all over Finland, but as supermarkets became widespread in the 1960s the traditional Kauppahalli halls started to lose ground. Today there are only 12 Kauppahalli`s left in Finland, but they are thriving again and loved for their unique historic atmosphere and high quality local products.

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