The Arctic Train



もし皆さんがフィンランドに行く機会があったら是非各都市にある中央駅の建築も見て欲しいと思います。それらは大体木で出来ています。オウルの中央駅が良い例で-この駅は19世紀の終わり、北へ向かう線路が整備された1886年に作られました。写真でも判るように、120年たった今でもその原型を留めているのです。006 Oulu history2


駅を買うのは本当に今フィンランドでは人気があります。若い人たちは駅の建物を購入し、それをリノベートし家族のための家にしています。例を挙げると、有名なインテリアデザインのブロガーである女性はParolaという駅を購入し現在リノベートを行っています。そのリノベート状況は下にあるリンクから見ることができ、購入当時の駅の写真まで入っています。ブログはParolan asemaといいます、ブログ自体はフィンランド語なんですが、その写真から雰囲気がわかると思います。



The Arctic Train

After spending about a week in Oulu, we took the train to Helsinki. Had to document it, as the ride was so nostalgic for me – when I was a student I used to travel by train all the time. Good times, good memories.

If you are travelling in Finland, please take a quick look at the architecture of the original, wooden railway station buildings found in most towns. Oulu railway station is a great example of this – it was built in the end of 19th century after the northern train track was completed in 1886. It is quite amazing that the Oulu station building has stayed in such a good shape – not much has changed in 120 years! Attached you can see a few photos of the Oulu railway station then and now.

By the way – did you know that these days you can actually buy your own, original station building in Finland? It became possible only a few years ago as Finnish state wanted to get rid of old, unused state property. Finland is full of small, old station buildings that are closed down, because these days there are not enough customers to keep the countryside stations open. So, these great properties became available for anyone to buy! If I would be living in Finland, I would definitely get myself a station.

It is actually a really cool thing to do – young people buy old station buildings and renovate them for their family homes. To give you an example, there is actually a famous interior design blog kept by a lady who bought a station called Parola, which she is now renovating for her family home. In below link you can see the early stages of the renovation, and some indoor and outdoor photos of the station just when she bought it. The blog is called Parolan asema – sorry it is all in Finnish, but I hope you can enjoy the pictures nevertheless.

For anybody travelling in Finland, here is the link to the Finnish Railways website for train schedules and online ticket booking: 

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