Marimekko Outlet Store

マリメッコファンの皆さんへ! フィンランド最大のマリメッコのアウトレットストアーはすごくオススメです。(ヘルシンキのHerttoniemiという場所にあります、メトロの駅もHerttoniemiでそこから少し歩いたところにあります)このアウトレットは日本でも有名で私がいったときもたくさんの日本語を聞く事ができました:)


私が今回このストアに来たのはファブリックを見に来るためでした。最新のデザイン、テレサ・ムーアハウスの“Kaunis Kauris”やマイヤ・ロウカリの“Siirtolapuutarha”はすこし高くて37,50ユーロくらいしていましたが、1メートルあたり、20ユーロのコーナーもあり(ここにはウニッコのようなもっとも一般的なパターンもありました)楽しめます。





Marimekko Outlet Store in Herttoniemi, Helsinki

For all Marimekko fans out there, I can recommend paying a visit to the biggest Marimekko outlet store in Herttoniemi, Helsinki. (Metro stop: Herttoniemi, after which you have to walk for a while). This outlet store is well known among Japanese visitors too, and during my visit there I could actually hear a lot of Japanese spoken around me.

This Herttoniemi Marimekko outlet store features all kinds of Marimekko products ranging from fabrics and clothes to tableware and small interior items. The items are often quality wise second class, which means that they might have minor defects in terms of color for example, but for me, I could hardly notice the difference to first class products.

During this visit I was mostly interested in fabrics, so here are a few details on fabric price ranges and selection as far as I can remember. The latest prints, such as Teresa Moorhouse`s “Kaunis Kauris”, and Maija Louekari`s “Siirtolapuutarha”, were on the more expensive side 37,50 euros per meter. But there were shelves full of fabrics that were priced nicely at around 20 euros per meter (these include the most common Marimekko patterns such as Unikko in various colors). However, the best bargain of all was a box full of small leftover pieces of fabrics that were priced according to weight – the price tag was 18 euros per kg (so I ended up buying a lot from the box). I also recommend checking out the clothes racks, which had some pretty nice discounts, too.

There is also a Marimekko café / restaurant attached, so if you are visiting during weekdays, please pay a visit (I was told by a sales clerk that the café is closed during Saturdays to my regret). The café is being used as an employee lunch place as well, and I hear that someone had even spotted and spoken to the Marimekko CEO there! I wish I could have been that lucky!