Nuutajarvi Glass Museum






Nuutajarvi Glass Museum

At the Nuutajarvi Glass Village, is a Glass Museum that introduces the local glass production from 1793 there onwards. The museum is open for public during the summer months, and for the rest of the year you can visit the museum by appointment.

As we were visiting Nuutajarvi just after New Year (a very quiet time of the year in terms of number of visitors, as most Finnish people were still celebrating the holidays), the museum was opened especially for us for a private tour. We got a wonderful guide who was happy to answer our numerous questions. She for example told us that Oiva Toikka, who is currently more than 80 years old, still spends his summers in Nuutajarvi, in a summer cottage that used to belong to Kaj Franck. It was really interesting to hear this kind of “insider” information from our friendly museum guide.

Kaj Franck, who served as an art director of Nuutajarvi Glass Village in 1951-1976, established the Glass Museum in 1977 in a building that used to be a beer brewery. The beer produced there was loved especially by the village glass blowers who used to consume approximately five liters of beer per person every day (as you can imagine, glass blowing as an activity is physically very demanding, making people thirsty…)

 Even if the museum is rather small in size, it was a fascinating place to visit. The museum gives a comprehensive outlook on the Nuutajarvi glass making since Nuutajarvi was established. The oldest items of the museum are early glass bottles and molds used for making glass. Many of the objects portrayed in the museum are unique and can`t be found anywhere else. Listening to the guide`s stories helped me to understand the history of Nuutajarvi much more, and as I walked around the Glass Village, I started to imagine how the life in Nuutajarvi could have been was during the Golden Years of glass in 1950s and 60s.

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