Nuutajarvi Glass Village






Nuutajarvi Glass Village

When I first came to the Village, I was approached by an elder gentleman who was on his daily walk. He seemed enthusiastic to talk, so we ended up chatting away. He told me he still lives in the Village, and that he used to work in the glass factory, in the “daily glass” department. I of course immediately asked him whether he used to work under Kaj Franck and Oiva Toikka, but he told me Franck and Toikka were in the Art glass department, and his superiors were different.

The older gentlemen told me that Nuutajarvi used to have 300 people living and working there at it`s peak in 1950s and 60s, and it used to be a whole thriving community. These days the factory has about 30 employees, most of whom are working on Oiva Toikka`s Birds. He seemed quite nostalgic and little bit sad to see that the Village is not the same as it used to be. Oh, what kind of stories he must have had! I wish I had had more time to talk to him!

Glass blowing can be seen at the factory at dedicated times, but unfortunately as we visited Nuutajarvi just after New Year, the factory was closed that day. I definitely recommend seeing the glass blowing in live action, it is a fascinating process.

Here are a few photos that I snapped of the Glass Village buildings, many of which date from 1850s and are still being actively used today. In the second photo you can see a shop of a community called NuGo, which is a community of independent glass artists working in Nuutajarvi. We grabbed a few cute souveniers from the NuGo shop so definitely have a look! It is a great way to support the village artists as well.

Please read more about Nuutajarvi`s history here, and about the Glass Museum here.

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