Arabia Factory Marks

Arabia factory marks, or “stamps”, bear great significance in determining the age of the item. The mark at the bottom of the item has been considered as a factory guarantee of quality – that the product is original and that the product has been evaluated as flawless “first-class” product (as opposite to “second-class” products with minor flaws that are sold in outlets today, etc).

In the attached picture you can find the Arabia factory marks from year 1949 onwards. The latest mark was introduced in 1981 and it has not been changed since.

The difficult thing about Arabia factory marks is that there are no comprehensive books kept, and the marks were not used in a systematic way. Sometimes in old Arabia there can be a stamp at the bottom of the coffee cup, but not in the saucer, sometimes the stamp is in the saucer but not in the cup, and sometimes the stamp can be found in both the cup and the saucer.

In hand painted items you can often find signatures of the artist(s). Sometimes there can even be two signatures – in that case the first signature (e.g. UP = Ulla Procope) is the designer`s signature, and the second one is the painter`s signature.
Source: Design museum website, the official Arabia website

Arabia factory mark cropped