ムーミンママ Moominmamma

トーベ・ヤンソンはムーミントロールの母、ムーミンママを彼女の実の母親、シグネ・ハマーステン(Signe Hammarsten )をモデルに作りました。シグネはペインター・画家であり彼女のアーティストとしての名前はHam、そのためトーベを含め兄弟全員が母親の事をHamと呼んでいました。





彼女の生活の中でもっとも困難な状況であったのはこの本の中にあると思います。「ムーミンパパ海へ行く」(Moominpapa at Sea)  彼女は家族全員の持ち物をボートに詰め込み、ムーミン谷を出発し、とても危険な海への旅にでます。それは殆どが彼女の夫のムーミンパパの夢をサポートするためでした。



Tove Jansson modeled Moominmamma, Moomintroll’s mother, after her own mother Signe Hammarsten. Signe was a painter by profession, and her artist name was Ham. Everybody called her ハム(Ham), including Tove and her brothers.

Ham represented everything that was safe and secure in the world for young Tove. Ham almost never left home, but instead she used to work on her drawings at nighttime when the kids were sleeping. Tove adored her mother tremendously. Once Tove asked her mother how she dealt with child-upbringing, and Ham only answered: “I don’t know. Maybe I dealt with it by raising myself up in the process”. Ham was also exceptional in a way that she let Tove and her brothers have great freedom – freedom to explore the streets of Helsinki all by themselves, freedom to explore nature, freedom to go to the sea by themselves.

Moominmamma has many of Ham’s charactestics. Moominmamma is the most stable and tolerant of all of the Moomins, and the safe atmosphere of Moominvalley is largely thanks to her. Moominmamma accepts everybody as they are, and she listens and comforts if somebody is having a hard time. Moominmamma’s stability gives other Moomins freedom to explore life to the fullest.

Especially in the comic strips Moominmamma takes care of all household work. She takes care of not only her immediate family, but also the numerous guests that come to visit. Her cooking skills are outstanding. She embodies not only motherly love, but also vitality and renewability of life. Moominmamma is able to get any plant flourish with her remarkable gardening skills; she especially loves to grow roses and trees that bear fruit.

The most difficult moments of her life Moominmamma lives in the book of “Moominpappa at Sea” (ムーミンパパ海へいく). She packs the family’s belongings into a boat, and then leaves her dear home in Moominvalley to travel dangerous seas, mostly just to support her husband Moominpappa’s dream. Their new home is a lighthouse in the middle of a rocky island to which Moominmamma has a hard time adjusting – her roses don’t grow, and the sea washes away her attempts at making a garden. She misses the green fields of Moominvalley tremendously. In the end Moominmamma just paints herself a rose garden onto the lighthouse wall, steps inside the painting and just sleeps. Sleep is an escape for Moominmamma from the pressures of the world.

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