ニョロニョロ- Hattivatit – Hattifatteners

ニョロニョロ(Hattivatit) について (Hattivatit:フィンランド語)









Hattifatteners are the strangest creatures of Moominvalley. They are present in many stories, but not much is known about them. Hattifatteners are ghost-like creatures that resemble a tall, thin white sock. They have “hands” that have either four or five “fingers”. Hattifatteners are about half as tall as Moomins, and they all look exactly the same. You can never know if a certain Hattifattener is female or male.

Hattifatteners never say a word; they just stare with their blank eyes. They don’t hear anything either. Hattifatteners can however feel the shaking of the ground, and they can smell things. You can never know if a Hattivatti is sad or happy, and therefore other Moomin creatures suspect that Hattifatteners don’t really have any feelings. They communicate with each other via telepathy, and when they move, it looks like as if they are gliding away.

Hattifatteners usually move around in large groups, usually they can be spotted by the sea stuffed in small boats. Sometimes they also move around on dry land. They are constantly wandering around in endless circles, but sometimes they take a small break and gather themselves to rest on islands. Hattifatteners hold their yearly meeting every June on an island.

Hattifatteners don’t pay any attention to other creatures, and usually they are not harmful, except during a thunderstorm when they get electrified. If you touch a Hattifattener, you get deeply burned. In the worst case you might even burn your hair too; this is what happened once to Snorkmaiden when she got too close to a Hattifattener.

Because Hattifatteners get charged with electricity during a thunderstorm, they are always checking weather conditions carefully. If a thunderstorm is approaching, Hattifatteners gather in a group on a high mountain, so that they can more easily harness the power of a lighning strike. Hattifatteners collectively own a weather barometer, which is their most priced possession. In Finn Family Moomintroll, (たのしいムーミンの一家), Hemulen  steals their barometer, and this causes Hattifattaners to chase Hemulen until they get it back.

Hattifatteners are different from other creatures of Moominvalley; they grow out of seeds that are planted on Midsummer night, they never sleep, and they never get cold. Hattifatteners are always surrounded by deep silence, they never fight or wave hands.

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