ムーミントロール ー Muumipeikko – Moomintroll








Moomintroll (often called just Moomin), is the only child of Moominmamma and Moominpappa. He frequently has to share the attention of his parents with other kids; these include his adopted siblings Sniff and Little My, but also many others that come and live with the Moomins, for example Snorkmaiden and Snufkin. But even if there are many other kids around, the special bond that exists between Moomintroll and his mother Moominmamma is beyond comparison.

Moomintroll has developed over the years. The early character of the war years was skinny, ugly and angry, but later on Moomintroll got a wider nose and a rounder body. It was not only his outward appearance that changed over the years though; his personality grew into a more kind and positive one. In the comic strips Moomintroll’s character remained pretty much the same –he has many child-like features and he is quite dependent on his mother, but in the books he becomes more and more independent and adult-like.

The Moomintroll that we all know is soft and kind, and he approaches other people with a genuine interest in his heart. Moomintroll would always like to be loyal to everybody and he does not want to hurt anybody’s feelings. Moomintroll has a very deep sense of what is right and wrong, and he often feels that he is responsible for other people’s misfortunes. Is Moomintroll cannot make a bad situation better, he feels an enormous amount of guilt, often without a reason. Moomintroll is a sensitive creature with strong emotions.

Moomintroll likes to travel back to his memories, and hang on to items and artifacts from past times. This character trait he clearly gets from his father, who is often looking back at the days of his youth. Moomintroll also loves adventures – most of all with his best friend Snufkin. He admires Snufkin tremendously and would like to be the same kind of traveller and free spirit just like Snufkin, but over and over again Moomintroll has to acknowledge that he misses his home and his parents too much in order to stay away for such long periods of times.

But even if Moomintroll does not want to leave home for too long, he does have an adventurer’s heart. Just like his father, he is brave enough to dive straight into high waves, to climb trees and mountain highs, and to rescues others from various troublesome situations. Most of all he loves to rescues his girlfriend Snorkmaiden.

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