What does ‘vintage’, ‘retro’, and ‘used’ mean?







整理するといわゆるTrue Vintageと呼べるのは1950年代、60年代、70年代までが中心となり、New Vintageに関しては80年代のものが含まれるというイメージです。ですので、私たちのアイカパイカもこのカテゴリーを使いたいと思っています。80年代のアイテムもコレクタブルな商品を中心に取り扱っているため、ヴィンテージとしています。

レトロ (Retro):



ユーズド (Used):





In our Aikapaikka online shop we have a wide selection of items from the past decades, and in out blog articles we often talk about ‘vintage’, ‘retro’ and ‘used’ items. But what do we mean with these terms? There is no one correct answer, as people use the terms ‘vintage’ and ‘retro’ interchangeable and in a variety of ways. I did a little research on the subject, and here are my findings.

Vintage: These is no one correct definition of ‘vintage’, but usually we can consider that item is ‘vintage’ if it is at least 20 years old or more. This means that even items from 1980s can these days be considered ‘vintage’. Some people do however insist that the term ‘vintage’ should not be used to any item that is under 50 years old. To clear the confusion, the term ‘true vintage’ is often applied to items from the ‘real’ vintage decades, such as from 1950s and 1960s (or older), and the term ‘new vintage’ is often applied to items from early 1980s. In Aikapaikka, we also include items from 1980s in the ‘vintage’ category because of their rarity and collectable value.

Retro: Retro simply refers to anything that “looks out of style for the current time period”. This could be an item from 1950s, 60s or 70s, or even an article that was popular in the late 1990’s (not technically vintage, yet) – as long as the design that takes inspiration from the past decades. The term ‘retro’ can therefore be associated not only with decades’ old items but also with items that are new and produced today. Similarly to the term ‘retro’, we often hear the “vintage inspired” when talking about vintage-looking newly produced items.

The difference of ‘vintage’ and ‘retro’ is often a matter of opinion, but the main difference is that ‘vintage’ can never be a new item. ‘Vintage’ refers to past decades, so a ‘vintage’ item is always from a specific time period. ‘Retro’ is moreover referring to the appearance of an item, so if an item is retro-looking and produced today, we can still call it ‘retro’. The condition of ‘retro’ can therefore be either used or totally new.

Used: In our online shop we also have special edition or limited edition items from 1990s and 2000, and these items we consider as ‘used’. The items in this category do still have a high collectable value because of their rarity and because of their popularity.

In my next article I will talk about vintage condition especially in old Arabia items – please keep on reading!