Christmas Calendar / Advent Calendar









Christmas Calendar (often also called as Advent Calendar) is a great way to get into the Christmas mood and to build up your dreams and expectations ahead of Christmas. For most Finnish people, having a Christmas Calendar each year is a must – no matter if you are a child or an adult! Finnish adults love this tradition too, because it brings back so many memories from their own childhoods, and they often get one only for themselves, even if there are no kids in the household.

The idea for Christmas Calendar first came to Finland in 1910s from Germany. It took a little while for the Calendar tradition to spread throughout the country, but Christmas Calendar quickly became an irreplaceable part of our traditions. The Finnish Christmas Calendar has 24 boxes – the first box is opened on 1st of December and the last box is opened in the morning of Christmas Eve, on 24th December. There are many different types of Christmas Calendars – probably the most common calendar is made of paper, but there are also chocolate calendars (you get a chocolate each day), fabric calendars and calendars made of wooden boxes. The paper calendars have a picture for each day, but the fabric or wooden box calendars can be filled up with any kind of surprises, with candies, toys, or games for example. I like the fabric or wooden calendars the best because they can be used for many years, and each year the boxes can be filled with different kinds of things (all mothers take note!: please don’t forget to prepare 24 little surprises that fit easily into the calendar boxes. I recommend changing the surprises each year to keep the tradition fresh and extra exciting for little ones).

I love the Christmas Calendar tradition, and I am so happy that now that I have two little boys, I can introduce this important Finnish tradition to them too. One calendar box after another Christmas is coming closer, and sooner than you realize it’s time to open the last box, number 24, in the morning of Christmas Eve (24th December).

Tomorrow is 1st of December – it’s time to open the first box! Are you ready?