Korvatunturi – Home of Joulupukki −サンタクロースの山




もちろん、コルバトゥントゥリは実在の山であり、私たちも底を訪問し、登る事ができます。コルバトゥントゥリはウルホ・ケッコネンナショナルパークにあります。436mの高さで山の形は耳の様に見えます。そしてこれがコルバトゥントゥリの名称の由来となっており、その意味は[Korvatunturi = Ear Mountain]なのです。またこの大きな耳のおかげで、ヨウルプッキは子供達の色々な願い事・欲しいものを聞く事ができるとも言われています。




もちろん、事前予約はマストです。意外とたくさんのローカルのツアーがあるので、是非訪問したい人はサヴコスキーコルバトゥントゥリ ビジターインフォメーションセンターにコンタクトをしてみて下さい。


Korvatunturi Kartta


Korvatunturi Kartta pieni













According to a Finnish legend, Joulupukki (Santa Claus) does not live in North Pole but actually in Mountain Korvatunturi in Finland. Mountain Korvatunturi is located far, far away in Finnish Lapland, just on the border of Finland and Russia. In Korvatunturi, Joulupukki has his own village with houses, workshops and stables – and even it’s own airfield. But Joulupukki’s village in Korvatunturi is so well hidden that no one has ever been able to see it, except for a few Sami people who stumbled across it by accident. But even if Joulupukki’s home and toy factory in Korvatunturi are hidden, one can still meet Joulupukki in person at his Rovaniemi office, where he meets and greets visitors coming from all over the world. Joulupukki’s Main Post Office is also located in Rovaniemi. (http://www.santaclausvillage.info/santa-claus/santa-park/)

But even if Mountain Korvatunturi is world famous as the mythical home for Joulupukki, it is also an actual mountain (an actual place) that people can visit. Korvatunturi is located in the Urho Kekkonen National Park in Savukoski, just on the border of Finland and Russia. Korvatunturi is 436 meters high, and it has an unusual shape that resembles ears – that’s why the name “Korvatunturi”, which in Finnish means “Ear Mountain”. It is said that because of these two ears, Joulupukki can hear all the wishes of all the children in the world.

The nature surrounding Korvatunturi has plenty of thick pine forests, lakes, and thousands of reindeers that roam around freely – a perfect setting for Joulupukki, his wife and many Joulutonttu (Christmas elves). When I was a child, I was always so happy to think that Joulupukki lives in a real, actual place – something that you can spot on a real map – instead of some kind of imaginary, made-up place.

If you want to visit Korvatunturi, please remember that because the mountain is located exactly on the border of two countries, all visitors must get a written permission from the Finnish Border Guard. Otherwise you might risk wandering to the Russian side accidentally! In Korvatunturi, there are no direct car roads but hiking paths exists for experienced hikers. The most recommended hiking path starts from Savukoski; the path is 18 kilometers long in total and there is a possibility to spend a night in Vieriharju cottage on the way. Please note that bookings in advance are a must! There are many local entrepreneurs that organize trips to Korvatunturi – please contact Savukoski – Korvatunturi Visitor Information Centre for further information: http://travel.savukoski.fi/matkailu@savukoski.fi

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