Porot – Reindeers −トナカイ


ヨウルプッキのソリは皆さんが知っているようにRudolf the Red nosed Reindeer(真っ赤なお鼻のトナカイさん、名前はルドルフ)によってひかれています。ヨウルプッキのトナカイ達は森のエルフたちが世話をしていました。それは彼らが森に棲んでいて動物たちと仲が良かったからです。そして、トナカイ達は小さい鈴を耳に付けており、その他のラップランドの森に住んでいるトナカイとは簡単に区別が付くようになっていました。







Porot (Reindeers) are part of Finnish Christmas traditions as much as Joulutonttu’s are. They are very important helpers to Joulupukki (Santa Claus), especially on Christmas Eve when they help Joulupukki and Joulutonttu’s (Elves) to distribute the presents for all the children around the world. Joulupukki’s sleigh is lead by Petteri Punakuono (Rudolf the Red nosed Reindeer) as we all know. It is the former Metsatonttu’s (Forest elves) that are in charge of supervising and taking care of all of Joulupukki’s reindeers, because they are used to living in the nature and are good with animals. Each of Joulupukki’s reindeers wears a tiny tinkling bell on its ear, which makes them easy to distinguish from all of the other reindeers that live in Lapland.

There are huge numbers of other reindeers (except Joulupukki’s reindeers) living in Lapland as well. Farming reindeers has been especially important for Sami people, who often get their main source of income from them. There are currently around 185 000 reindeers roaming around Lapland, so it is very common that you come across some if you travel in Lapland. Reindeers are sometimes walking along the car roads, so traffic accidents involving reindeers are unfortunately common – you should always watch out while driving in Lapland!

Porot (Reindeers) live in herds that include 5-500 individuals, and they roam around several kilometers a day looking for food and water. A male reindeer can weigh 90-180kg; a female is slightly lighter at 60-100 kg. A newborn baby reindeer weighs 4-6 kg. An adult reindeer can be about 130 cm tall, and live for 18-20 years. Both male and female reindeers have horns that fall off and get grown back each year. Reindeer horn is the most fastest growing bone structure in the world – it can grow even two centimeters in a day. Reindeer’s fur is usually a mix of grey, light brown and white colors, but each individual has its’ own coloring. Finnish people have traditionally used reindeer’s fur for all kinds of purposes, such a keeping warm during the wintertime. Reindeer horn, on the other hand, is used mostly for decorative items, and reindeer meat is an important ingredient for many traditional Finnish dishes.

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