Homssu – Whomper – ホムサ







The first Whomper, a ‘small, serious animal’. appears in ‘Moominsummer Madness’, where he joins Moomin family on a floating theater. Whompses is a group of creatures, and they are one of the most unique ones that ever lived in Moominvalley. Whompses live inside their own imagination; therefore their personalities are mostly defined by what they are imagining at each moment, not what they do or say in the real world.

Whomper wants to understand reasons and consequences, and he is constantly thinking about something. When there is a great flood in Moominvalley, others just focus on getting rescued, but Whomper wonders about the origin of the flood: “how can such a big wave be born without any wind?” In one book “second smallest Whomper” creates a mangrove jungle and fights against monsters there. But his smaller brother is killing all the fun by reminding him that the mangrove forest is actually a lettuce field.

Whompses want to use their imagination to full extent, but because imagination is such a whimsical power, everything does not always work out how Whompses originally intended. The things that Whomper imagined might suddenly disappear from his dream world, and the atmosphere that he created in his mind may fade away, too. It is not an easy place to live, this imaginary world, because things and creatures are not concrete, and you’ll easily lose them.

Other creatures of Moominvalley don’t know what Whomper’s real thoughts are, because Whomper tells his imaginative stories only to himself. Whompses are like children that have an immense need to know things, and their imaginative powers are endless. I think Whompses were created in Moomin stories just to remind us adults how important it is to always keep on dreaming.

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