Piparkakut (Piparit ) ジンジャーブレッドクッキーの作り方


今回は私のおばあちゃんのParaisten Piparkakutレシピを特別にブログしたいと思います。このレシピで出来るクッキーはフィンランドの伝統的なジンジャーブレッドクッキーです。

レシピにはケーンシロップ(さとうきびシロップ)が必要で、日本ではなかなか見つけることができません。日本だとアマゾンや楽天で売っており、Santa Mariaというブランドのシロップがありました。(写真①)



PARAISTEN PIPARKAKUT  My Grandmother’s style! 


  • 卵×1
  • 砂糖 100g
  • バター 250g
  • 砂糖 100g
  • ケーンシロップ 100g
  • シナモン  ティースプーン1さじ
  • ジンジャーパウダー ティースプーン1さじ
  • クローブパウダー  ティースプーン1さじ
  • ベイキングソーダ  ティースプーン2さじ
  • 小麦粉 500g
Ginger Bread ingredients


1. 良い具合まで卵と砂糖100gを泡立てます。

2. ソフトバター 250gと砂糖100gを泡立てます。

3. ケーンシロップ100gをシナモン、パウダージンジャー、クローブパウダーと一緒にフライパンにいれます。シロップとそれぞれのスパイスを弱火で煮ます、パンにくっつかないようにこまめに混ぜます。ここまでは非常に早くできます。いいアロマの香りが出てきたら火を止めて完全に冷まします。(写真②)

4. ベイキングソーダを小麦粉の中に入れよく混ぜます。(写真③)

Ginger Bread 2-4

5. 泡立てた卵と砂糖にまずはソフトバターと砂糖を混ぜたものをいれ、次にシロップとスパイスをミックスしたものを入れます。そしてベイキングソーダを少しずついれ気をつけてかき混ぜます。そうすると写真④のようになるはずです。 

6. 出来上がった生地は冷蔵庫の中で一晩寝かせることで香りが出てきます。次の日にそれを取り出して薄く伸ばします。いろんなクッキーカッターを使ってクッキーを切り出すのが良いと思います。



Ginger Bread 5




Piparkakut (in short Piparit) Ginger Bread Cookies are an integral part of Finnish Christmas – you just can’t imagine Christmas without them. In this blog post I wanted to introduce you the recipe my grandmother is always using: Paraisten Piparkakut. This is the real, authentic Finnish ginger bread cookie recipe.

The only problem with this recipe is that you need cane syrup, which can be difficult to find in Japan. Cane syrup is sold in Japan in amazon and rakuten, but with a rather expensive price. (I found one called Santa Maria but I haven’t tried this one out myself – please see picture 1 for details). Therefore my next challenge (for another blog post) is to try out some other recipes that don’t include cane syrup (many recipes use maple syrup or brown sugar instead). My challenge is to introduce you a second ginger bread cookie recipe where all of the ingredients can be easily bought from your local store – if I come across something good, I’ll promise to let you know before Christmas. 

PARAISTEN PIPARKAKUT – Ginger Bread Cookies (My Grandmother’s style)

-1 egg
-100 grams sugar. (Whisk the egg and 100 grams sugar together)

-250 grams soft butter
-100 grams sugar  (Whish the butter and 100 grams of sugar together)

-100 grams cane syrup
-1 teaspoon cinnamon
-1 teaspoon powdered ginger
-1 teaspoon powdered cloves  (spices are brought to boil together with syrup)

-2 teaspoons baking soda
-500 grams wheat flour (baking soda is mixed with flour)

1. Whisk the egg and 100 grams of sugar together until they make nice foam.
2. Whisk 250 grams of soft butter and 100 grams of sugar, until they make nice foam.
3. Put 100 grams of cane syrup into a pan together with cinnamon, powdered ginger, and powdered gloves. Carefully bring the syrup and the spices into boil with a low heat, stir constantly so that the ingredients don’t stick to pan. This is a very fast step – just when you start smelling the aroma of the spices, remove from heat. Let cool down completely. (picture 2)
4. Add baking soda into the flour and mix well. You can see all the four mixes in picture 3.
5. Into the foamed sugar-egg mix add first a) the butter-sugar mix and then b) the syrup-spice mix. Then add the flour-baking soda mix little by little while stirring carefully. The dough should look something like in picture 4.
6. Let dough rest overnight inside a fridge so that the flavors develop properly. The next day take the dough out, and spread it thinly. Use different shaped cookie cutters to cut the cookies out. Bake in a pre-heated oven of 200 degrees until golden brown (for about 7-10 minutes). Baking time depends of the thickness and the size of the cookies, so please keep a watchful eye on the oven. Let the ginger bread cookies cool down and enjoy! (picture 5).