アラビア+ムーミン コラボレーションの歴史 The History of the Arabia-Moomin Collaboration


いくつかの理由のため1950年代のアラビアームーミンのコラボレーション商品を最後にアラビア—ムーミンの製品は作られなくなり、アラビアもムーミン製品の事を忘れていたかのようでした。そしてそこから何十年もたった後、1988年にクリステル・ヴァエネルベルグ (Christel Vaenerberg)がアラビアにマーケティングエグゼクティブとして入社した後に人々はまたムーミンをデコレーションの1つとして考え始めます。ミーティングがセットされ、再び長い年月を経てアラビア—ムーミンのコラボレーションが復活する事となります。カイ・フランクがデザインしたテーママグカップ(Teema)はその象徴的なデザインのため、また唯一カップの表面がムーミンのイラストレーションのため、スムースであった事から、ベースとなるカップとして選ばれます。トーベ・スロッテはアラビアのムーミンデザイナーとして選任され、1989年から今日まで一環してそのムーミンの製品をデザインし続けています。

1950s Moomin

1950s Moomin

Tove Slotte

Tove Slotte





Moomin Mug Cup Collection Part 2


The first time Arabia started producing Moomin tableware was in the 1950s. All of the 1950s products were carefully hand painted at the Arabia factory. Tove Jansson was originally not that happy about the commercialization of Moomins, but as Tove visited Arabia’s factory personally, she became very relieved. Tove saw how many employment opportunities hand-painting Moomin cups and plates were bringing to women, and she also saw the high quality of the finished product. And so Tove gave her full blessing to the Arabia-Moomin collaboration.

For one reason or another, the 1950s Moomin cups were the last Arabia-Moomin collaboration products for a long time. In fact for decades and decades, Arabia forgot Moomins altogether. It was only in 1988 as Christel Vaenerberg joined Arabia as a marketing executive that people at Arabia started really thinking about using Moomins as a decorative element again. Meetings were arranged, and finally the collaboration was revived, after a decades-long break! Teema mug cup, designed by Kaj Franck, was chosen partly because of its iconic design status, but also because it was practically the only cup that had a surface area smooth enough for the detailed Moomin illustration. Tove Slotte was chosen as Arabia’s Moomin designer, and she has practically single-handedly designed all of the Moomin products all the way from the beginning, from 1989 onwards until today.

In the early stages it was very difficult for Arabia to decide what kind of illustrations would work the best – so for the first two mug cups a comic strip like illustration was chosen. From early on, Moomin mug cups were not targeted to children, but they were positioned instead as adult’s gift items. Therefore the illustrations needed to be sophisticated enough for adult taste.

The first mugs were comic strip like illustrations had many characters in one cup. In the beginning people at Arabia didn’t really understand that people wanted to identify oneself with a certain Moomin character only: people who loved Little My wanted to get a Little My cup, people wanted to buy a Moominmamma cup for their mothers, and so on. Even if the first comic strip cups were successful, it was with the individual character cups that the actual boom started!

In just the last few years, Arabia has slightly changed again it’s decoration policy – in the last cups, the cup actually tells a full story and the cup portrays a whole scene from a certain Tove book. It looks like the design trends and people’s preferences are going towards ‘story cups’ instead of individual character cups. All in all – the popularity of Arabia’s Moomins just seems to grow and grow!

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