It’s Juhannus! And it’s snowing?






Something strange is going on – it’s snowing in Finland! And I mean, it’s snowing there pretty much right now!

Everybody in Finland is feeling confused – and this weekend we are even supposed to have the typical Juhannus (Midsummer) Festivities! What are we supposed to do now – bring out our skis instead of our swimwear? Hmm….snowing in June is very unusual but it has happened a few times back in the history of our country.

It does however look like that the snow will stop soon, and Juhannus this weekend will be celebrated in snowless, although still very cold, weather.

This is a true story, and not a joke. As a proof I’ll attach a photo that my mother took from our garden yesterday….:)

Have a nice day everybody, keep warm! And Happy Juhannus!