Summer cottage, sauna and swimming in a lake





Finnish summer – there is really is nothing better than summer cottage, sauna and swimming in a lake! During my trip, I managed to relax a few days at a cottage in Tervakoski. Here are just a few photos – I hope you enjoy them.

Oh – it had been ages since I last swam in a lake! I’ve never been a big swimmer (unlike my little sister, who just jumps fearlessly into water without any kind hesitation). But there really is nothing better than the natural water of the lake, it feels so soft against your skin and totally different from the harsh water that we get from water tap at home.

The water was very warm at 24 degrees – most of the time we Finns take a swim even if the water temperature is below 20 degrees, so I guess I was quite lucky this time..:) And after swimming, we of course enjoyed sauna, beer and an a lovely dinner.

To my aunt and my cousins – thank you for having us! We will be returning soon!


FINAL Summer cottage collage