Hotelli Torni – the best view in town!







After a long day of sightseeing and shopping, what is the best place to stop for some refreshments? One very notable candidate is the Hotelli Torni’s Atelier Bar! Just take the elevator to the hotel’s 14th floor, climb up a steep case of stairs, and you will be greeted with the most breathtaking 360 degrees view of our beloved city!

Anyone fancying a cocktail? If you are feeling really adventurous, why not splurge on the Atelier Bar’s own specialty – a cocktail that is served from an authentic Aalto-vase (by Alvar Aalto) that you can bring back home with you (price about 50 euros, including the vase).

The Hotelli Torni building itself dates back to 1931. It was the tallest building in Finland at that time, and it is still is among the tallest. Hotelli Torni also boasts a colorful history: during second world war, the building served as a base for Finnish air defence, and there was once a famous murder done here. In 2005, Hotelli Torni’s interior was completely renewed, and this unique place is now part of Helsinki’s Design District.

Hotelli Torni is also legendary for its powder rooms that boast to have the best views ever. Sorry – I could help but to snap a picture (see the bottom right hand corner). Anyways – probably worthwhile trying it out yourself on your next trip to Helsinki…:)


Hotelli torni collage