The nelikko team










Hello again! Today I wanted to introduce you our nelikko team a bit more and let you know what our roles are in this new venture.

Let’s start with our Helsinki-based members.

Janne is our art director and our photographer. Janne is responsible for the majority of our images and for nelikko’s visual identity. He makes our books inspirational, fresh and fun. Our books have high-quality images on almost every page – we hope that you can enjoy them as photo-books from our own home, too, even if you are not planning to travel anytime soon. (But of course you can always utilize our guides as traditional guidebooks, since we have included plenty of maps and basic ‘how to get there’- information as well).

Kaisa, Janne’s wife, is our writer and our visualist. She has a great eye for detail, and together with Janne, she is responsible for the visual feel and look for nelikko. She also writes our stories. Kaisa is in charge of nelikko’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – we hope that you enjoy the images of everyday Finland that she keeps on posting.

Then there is me (Anna) and Ken, my husband. I am responsible for writing stories for our books, editing and overall project coordination. Ken develops and maintains our website (, and is responsible for marketing and Japanese translations.

We also work with a few contributors on project to project basis. My sister Saara provides us English language proofreading and editing – she is a real pro, and we are so happy to have her onboard.

Alright – that’s it for now.

Next blog post – big announcement! Thank you for following along!