Huopikkaat – Huopatossut – Finnish Felt Boots



Alhon Huopatehdas

Alhon Huopatehdas



この伝統的な羊のウールで作るブーツのクラフトマンシップはロシアから伝わったと言われています。今では少しのフィンランドの会社が伝統的なフオピッカートを作っています。代表的な会社は1921年設立の Lahtiset 、1927年設立のAlhon Huopatehdas Oy、等があります。

Aki Choklat for Lahtiset

Aki Choklat for Lahtiset

最近ではフオピッカートを履く事はファッションとして流行って来ているようです。そのためフィンランドのファッションブログで取り上げられたり、ヘルシンキの街中で見かけることも多くなりました。フオピッカートはフィンランド版UGGとも例えられるようになりました。有名なシューデザイナーのAki Choklatもフッピッカートのコレクションをデザインするようになりました。



Have you every seen the traditional Finnish huopikkaat or huopatossut? (both of these Finnish words are equally being used). Huopikkaat are hand made of wool, and they are very warm and light. The shoe sole is made of rubber. Huopikkaat come in a variety of bright colors, and the leg part can either be long or short. Huopikkaat are made for women, men and children. Huopikkaat are also being made as indoor slipper versions, so you can enjoy them both outdoors and in the comfort of your own home.

Finns love to wear these cute felt boots on cold and dry winter days (on rainy days, we recommend leaving them at home). If huopikkaat get wet, they might lose their shape. In case they get wet, fill them with paper (such as newspaper) and mold them back in shape. Let dry out in a cool and dry place. Dirt on surface is best removed by gentle brushing.

The owners of huopikkaat often rave that these shoes last practically forever – provided that you take care of them properly. The pure lamb wool as a material guarantees that these boots are very durable and environmentally friendly.

The traditional craftsmanship of making lamb wool boots originally came to Finland from Russia. There are just a couple of Finnish companies that have been making huopikkaat for decades: the company Lahtiset (established in 1921), and Alhon Huopatehdas Oy (established in 1927). 

These days wearing huopikkaat has become a bit of a fashion statement, and you see them a lot in the streets of Helsinki, as well as in many fashion blogs. One might say that they are like the Finnish UGGs (only better, of course!). To demonstrate the popularity of huopikkaat, it is only natural that some of our top designers, such as Aki Choklat, have now designed their own modern huopikkaat-collections.

The authentic Finnish huopikkaatare made in Finland: mostly by hand, although some of the hardest stages of production are done with the help of a machine. Huopikkaattruly portray Finnish craftsmanship at its best. What do you think about these cute felt boots – fancy owning a pair?

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