Making parekoriパレコリはヴオルパーレ(vuolupäre)と呼ばれる薄い木を手で編み込んで作られます。最初に木のブロックは水で濡らされ、パレコリ職人は長くて薄い木のストリップを作り出し、そこから編み込みバスケットの形にしていいきます。この作業はとても体力を使う作業で慣れるためには相当な練習を必要とします。



Many of you might have seen the traditional Finnish wooden baskets, pärekori, on the markets of Helsinki. Pärekori comes in many different sizes and shapes, and these natural baskets are very popular as interior items. In the modern, minimalistic home, pärekori brings a warm, natural, textured and traditional feeling while still keeping things simple.

Pärekori is often used for storing magazines and books just next to your favorite sofa or armchair, but they are great as toy boxes, in the kitchen (for storing small kitchen equipment), or in the bathroom (for storing towels). Pärekori’s are great for practically anything – with these multifunctional baskets; only your imagination is the limit! The homes that have a working takka (fireplace), pärekori is great for storing firewood logs.

There is also no better basket than pärekori to take with you while trekking in the Finnish woods and picking up mushrooms or berries. Traditionally pärekori was also used as a shopping basket – try out taking a pärekori into your local supermarket for a fun shopping experience!

Pärekori is made of vuolupäre. The block of wood is first made wet, after which the pärekori-master carves or planes long, thin strips of wood. Then these long wood strips are ‘knitted’ (arranged by hand) into a pattern that makes a large surface; the surface is then further worked into the shape of a basket. Making vuolupäre can be physically very demanding, which often surprises beginner-pärekori-makers. Pärekori can be made of many different wood types including birch, pine or aspen. Pärekori is a very environmentally friendly product. There are no chemicals or needles used. Päre as a natural material disintegrates naturally, so it leaves no waste when you want to dispose it.

Pärekori is a great example of traditional Finnish craftsmanship at its best. Check out the marketplaces for Pärekori the next time you are in Finland!








Parekori with mushroom