Suvilahti Graffiti Wall – Helsinki Street-Art

カラサタマ(Kalasatama)のもともと港であった地区にあるスヴィラフティ グラフティーウォール (Suvilahti Graffiti Wall)はヘルシンキの中でもとてもクリエイティブで想像力をかき立てる場所です。


ヘルシンキの市はこのグレーの色に包まれた地区をカラフルにしたいと思い、2009年にこのグラフティ ウォールを始めました。現在、ヘルシンキの中でオフィシャルに認められているグラフティ ウォールはこのスヴィラフティのものだけです。そしてこのウォールは興味があれば誰でもイラストを描く事ができるんです! ぜひ立ち寄る機会があればスプレーを持って行き自分の足跡を残してみるのも良いかもしれません。



そしてこの有名な壁の近くにはとても親切でカラフルなイハナ・カハヴィラカフェ(Ihana Kahvila café)があります。是非この近くに立ち寄った際には一息入れるのもよいでしょう。このカフェも周りと同じようにとてもクリエイティブなカフェです。カフェについてはnelikkoのデジタルブック「ヘルシンキ カフェ」に掲載されています。

All photos by Janne Lainea, photographer / AD nelikko

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Suvilahti Graffiti Wall, located in the former harbor area of Kalasatama, is one of the most unique and inspiring locations in Helsinki. The Kalasatama area is currently undergoing major construction work – the Helsinki city has plans to grow the area into a large-scale residential and business hub. The construction work is planned to be completed by 2035 – when completed, Kalasatama will include apartment houses for 17.000 people and workplaces for 10.000 people.

Helsinki city authorities wanted to add a splash of color to the otherwise grey, old, industrial construction site, and so was Suvilahti Graffiti Wall started in 2009. Suvilahti Graffiti Wall is the only legal graffiti wall in Finland that anybody is free to paint; just bring your own spray-paints and you are ready to go!

The Graffiti Wall is 100-meters long and is made of plywood. The graffiti wall is open 24-hours, but in order to paint it, you must follow the rules: you must not leave empty spray-painted cans lying around but place them in the trash. You must keep the area clean. You must not disturb the people living in the nearby apartment buildings. Painting is allowed only on the designated wall and no other surfaces. You must respect  other working artists. You should not paint over with tags only – your work should have real artistic value.

The Kalasatama area has a really cool, rough-on-the edges, creative vibe – something that reminds us of Berlin. The Graffiti Wall will be staying in place as long as the development forces it away – we can just hope that this unique feature can stay and survive many more years to come. Next to the graffiti wall there is the warm-hearted, colorful Ihana Kahvila café – read more about Ihana Kahvila in our book ‘Helsinki Cafes’.

All photos in this post are by Janne Lainea, photographer / AD of nelikko.