Harald Lundqvist

Harald Lundqvist

コンセプトは1940年にスウェーデン人の大工であったハラルド・ルンドクヴィスト (Harald Lundqvist)によって発明され、彼は1948年に30の国々にそのパテントを売却しました。現在、その収納システムを製造し続けているのはフィンランドのルンディアのみとなっています。




Lundia collage

Have you ever heard of Lundia? Lundia is an iconic design; a storage system that can be endlessly adjusted. Lundia was a revolutionary concept in its time when it was first born. In the 1940s, bookshelves were always fixed size, but Lundia is built with individual units that could be combined in numerous ways to make the perfect system for each particular space. Lundia could be altered, disassembled and rebuilt at any time. The concept behind Lundia was actually invented by a Swedish carpenter Harald Lundqvist in year 1940, who sold the patent in 1948 to 30 different countries. The Finnish company Lundia is the only company in the world that is still producing the original shelving system designed by Harald Lundqvist.

Practically every Finn has a memory or two of Lundia. Lundia shelves are actually present in 25% of all Finnish homes: as bookshelves, office desks, or even as baby diaper changing stations. The Lundia units changed as the needs of the family changed, so this versatile piece of furniture was often painted and moved from one room to another. In total, there has been about 100 million meters of Lundia shelving produced!

The Golden Age of Lundia was in the 1970s-80s. The Lundia’s of that time period was made of yellow colored pine. The Lundia Classic shelving system has remained unchanged for the last sixty years! The new parts manufactured by the company are made exactly to the same dimensions, so that they can fit perfectly to the old, existing shelving units.

In addition to pine, these days Lundia is also available in black, white and brown. It is quite remarkable that just by buying a few additional painted units, it is possible to refresh any used Lundia unit to fit the requirements of the design aesthetics of today. This why the aesthetically beautiful and endlessly functional Lundia shelving system is currently making a huge compact in design magazines and blogs in Finland.

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