DIY Vintage Wallpaper Art


ヴィンテージのウォールペーパーはPihlgren & Ritolaが有名です。このブランドでは50年代から70年代オリジナルのパターンを当時の機械を作って製造しています。Pihlgren & Ritolaのストーリーについてはこちらのリンクから。



まず最初に幅を決めますが、もちろん大きいフレームの方がインパクトがありますので、今回は51.5 cm x 72.8 cmのサイズを使いました。縦の長さを決め、ペーパーナイフで切っていきます。フレームに取り付ける際にはセロハンテープ等で端を補強しながら組み込むとうまくいくでしょう。壁にフレームを掛けて終了です!


1000_MG_06151000_MG_06141000_MG_0599In the last couple of years, vintage wallpaper has been all over the Finnish interior magazines and design blogs. As you can imagine, there is usually nothing better to complement 1950s-70s vintage furniture than authentic wallpaper as a backdrop. The best source for buying vintage wallpaper is naturally Pihlgren & Ritola, which is still producing wallpaper based on original 1950s-70s models and utilizing decades-old machinery. Please read more about Pihlgren & Ritola here.

But as you know, wallpapering a whole wall (or a room!) is a very big decision, and most of us don’t even have the skills to undertake such a big task. Therefore we Finns have created another way to enjoy wallpaper in our homes – using a piece and framing it as a wall art! This is a simple, yet elegant solution.

I have an empty wall in my dining area, and decided to make a set of wallpaper art to brighten up the space. What do you think – looks pretty nice? I like how the patterns complement the white dining room lamp and the wooden table.

Here is what to do:

Measure the wallpaper width – naturally your frame width must be smaller than the wallpaper width. Length of the frame can be whatever you want (even a square would look cool), but in order to create a bigger impact, a bigger frame works better. For this work I used two poster frames, each 51.5 cm x 72.8 cm size.Cut the wallpaper in appropriate length. We used a paper cutting knife for smooth edges. You can use a little bit of transparent tape on the sides to fasten the wallpaper in place. Then slide the frame in place, and you are done!

Hang your new wall art on the wall, and enjoy!

Tips: Making a wallpaper art is very similar to framing any kind of poster. It is quite easy (providing that you have an easy-to-use frame). I recommend just general plastic poster frames. Please cut your wallpaper carefully to correct size. When you place the wallpaper inside the frame, please make sure that it is smooth and straight. I also like not to use the top glass / plastic at all so that the natural texture of the wallpaper is exposed. The top glass / plastic often reflects light in an uncomfortable way, which might diminish the beauty of the colors and the pattern of your new wall art.That’s about it!