コルケアサーリ (Korkeasaari)について知っていますか?コルケアサーリ島はヘルシンキ動物園がある場所で世界で一番北にある動物園として知られています。コルケアサーリはアウトドアの動物園で日帰りの旅行にはぴったりの場所です。歩きやすい靴を履いて行くとフィンランドの自然も楽しむ事ができ、コルケアサーリ島の一番高い場所に行くと海を眺める事もできます。

島ではクジャクが歩いていて間近で羽を広げた瞬間などを見る事ができます。ヘルシンキの動物園やその他のファミリーでいけるアトラクションはネリッコの「Helsinki with Kids」(英語版)で特集していますので、興味がある方はぜひこちらから

Have you every heard of Korkeasaari? Korkeasaari Island is home to Helsinki Zoo, one of the oldest and northernmost Zoos in the entire world. Korkeasaari is an outdoors Zoo, and it makes a great day trip destination for everybody, not just families. Just wear a pair of proper walking shoes, and enjoy a lovely day out in the middle of Finnish nature. Climb up to the highest point of Korkeasaari and enjoy some great views over the sea.

Korkeasaari is particularly famous for its peacocks that walk around unrestricted! It is pretty amazing to see these stunning animals, especially if the male peacocks open their wings. I was holding on to my camera for quite a while, and hoping to get a shot of the peacocks with their wings open, but this time they did not really cooperate, hehe. Oh well – maybe next time.

More about Korkeasaari and other fun Helsinki destinations in our e-book ‘Helsinki with Kids’ – available for download on Amazon (the English version).

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