Our new e-book ‘The Islands of Helsinki’ is out now!


今日はアイカパイカの電子書籍出版サービス「nelikko / ネリッコ」より4つ目のデジタルガイドブック「The islands of Helsinki」がKindle版で発売しましたのでお知らせします。


「The Islands of Helsinki」(英語版)は本日よりアマゾンのkindle版として掲載されていますので、是非こちらからダウンロードして見てください。


Dear all!

Today we have some exciting news! Our fourth book, ‘The Islands of Helsinki’ (English version) is out now! ‘The Islands of Helsinki’ is a beautiful photo book that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home – but of course, you can naturally use our book as a travel guide when doing the actual island-hopping in Helsinki with all the necessary how-to-get-there information and all.

We Finns are united in our love for nature and the sea. For us, there is nothing better than hopping on a boat or a ferry, and leaving the mainland Helsinki behind – even just for a few hours! Many islands are very close to the Helsinki shore and conveniently located by public transportation. You hardly have to plan your trip – just make a quick decision, hop on a boat, and go!

You can now download ‘The Islands of Helsinki’ (the English version) on Amazon. We recommend downloading with an Apple device (iPad, iPhone or Apple computers or laptops) or with an Amazon Kindle device. Please see the whole ‘Joko mennään’ series here.

There are about 300 islands in the archipelago of Helsinki – which island will be your favorite?

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