Hiljaisuuden kappeli – Chapel of Silence

ヘルシンキに行った事がある人はカムッピ(Kamppi)のショッピングセンターの隣にある不思議な木の建物を見た頃があるかもしれません。この建物はヒルヤイスーデン・カペッリ(Hiljaisuuden kappeli)と呼ばれ、「静寂の教会」と呼ばれています。もしくはこの中に入った事がある人もいるかもしれません。



Many of you Helsinki visitors must have seen the odd-looking wooden building next to Kamppi shopping center. The building in question is ‘Hiljaisuuden kappeli’ – Chapel of Silence. Have some of you stepped inside?

The building is rather stunning inside with all its simplicity. Typically for Finnish design, everything unnecessary has been stripped away. The warm wood-paneling makes us feel calm so that we can focus on our thoughts. The only windows are close to the ceiling that allows light inside. The Chapel feels like a safe haven from the rest of the world and is open to everybody to enter – it has become one of the most popular landmarks in Helsinki. Here are a few photos I snapped last summer.

Chapel of Silence