The Police Officers and The Constable of Moominvalley



オリジナルのトーベ・ヤンソンのストーリに基づいたテレビのアニメシリーズであるムーミンラークソン・タリノイタ(Muumilaakson tarinoita) ではムーミン谷の警察署長は白い肌と長い鼻をもったヘムレンでいつもパイプをくわえています。彼はムーミン谷にある交番に住んでいてそこには独房があり、地下がオフィスになっています。たいていの場合、警察署長はスティンキーの世話に手をやいていますが、それ以外はムーミン谷のどの住人とも良好な関係を持っていました。そのため彼の大好きなバラの栽培に時間を費やすことができたのです!

Moominvalley is a very calm place to live, so there is not much to do for police officers. During the course of original Moomin comic strips and the animated TV series, the police officer(s) of Moominvalley have taken different shapes, sizes and numbers.

In the earliest original comic strips, there were a group of similar looking police officers that moved together as a group to tackle the crimes. The police officers in the comic strips dressed in a British style with a navy costume and high, cone-shaped hat, and they had thin triangle-shaped noses. It is important to note that police officers were present in the original Moomin comic strips, but Tove Jansson never mentioned them in the original Moomin books.

In the animated TV series Muumilaakson tarinoita (that is based on original Tove Jansson Moomin stories), the Constable of Moominvalley is a Hemulen with a long nose and a white skin, and he often carries a pipe in his mouth. The Constable lives in the Police station of Moominvalley that has a cell and an office downstairs. The Constable is mostly preoccupied by Stinky with his mischievous behavior, but otherwise the relationship between the police and the residents of Moominvalley is smooth and non-problematic. Therefore the Constable has plenty of time to take care of his precious roses!

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