Scandinavian Music Group (SMG)!!



中でもいちばん有名なのはScandinavian Music Group (SMG)ではないでしょうか。SMGはフィンランドでももっとも人気があるバンドの1つですシンガーのテルヒ・コッコネンの歌声はともて美しく魅力的です。SMGのクリップを貼付けたので、是非聞いて見てください!

Hi again!

These days I have been listening Finnish music via YouTube – mostly some old songs from the 1990s. I have a very broad appetite for music, and can easily be obsessed by pop and rock, and even punk and heavy rock. As I have been listening to Finnish music, I have been flooded with so many memories from the past!

I have come across many nice bands and songs, and would like to introduce you some of them, but I am hesitant if they sound too weird (too Finnish?) for you? What do you think? Are you interested in hearing more Finnish music?

One of the bands that I thought you might like is Scandinavian Music Group (SMG), one of the most popular pop bands in Finland. The singer, Terhi Kokkonen, has a beautiful voice, and the lyrics are mesmerizing.