Lapuan Kankurit – ラプアン カンクリ

ラプアン・カンクリット(Lapuan Kankurit)は1917年に設立されたフィンランドの家族経営のテキスタイルカンパニーです。現在のオーナーはすでに4代目になっています。ラプアン・カンクリットの商品はその繊細なパターンと柔らかく、アーシーな色使い、例えばライトブルーやグレーなどで有名です。どの商品もとても気持ちよくさせる雰囲気を持っています。


Lapuan Kankurit is a lovely Finnish family textile company with a long history – the roots of the company date back all the way to 1917! The current owners of the company are already the fourth generation owners of the same family. Lapuan Kankurit is particularly known for their delicately patterned linen goods with soft, earthy colors – light blues, light greys, and soft browns. Anything that makes you comfortable and dreamy.

Lapuan Kankurit is particularly known for their warm blankets, kitchen fabrics, sauna textiles and bath towels. All items are produced in the company factory located in a small town called Lapua that currently employs 20 people. At the moment, Lapuan Kankurit is experiencing huge success, with more than half of their current production shipped abroad. And no wonder – Lapuan Kankurit really provides that natural Scandinavian feel that is so popular right now.

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Lapuan Kankurit