Pihlgren & Ritola Vintage Wallpapers


kartta1958年、ピヒルグレン&リトラはその後ウォールペーパーの名作となる作品を生み出したデザインコンテストを開催しました。フィンランドの有名なデザイナー達が、例えばビルガー・カイピアイネンやエリック・ブルーン、アンニッキ・タピオヴァーラ、そしてイルマリ・タピオヴァーラなどが参加しました。 そして最も有名なウォールペーパーのデザインはビルガー・カイピアイネンのキウルイェン・ユオ (Kiurujen yo)になりました。

私もピヒルグレン&リトラの1950年代からの機械を使用して作られるウォールペーパーが大好きです。壁紙を作るカラーの顔料はオクラやシエナ土など自然のものを使用しています。トイヤラ (Toijala)工場では今日でも顔料は手作業で混ぜているため、一つ一つのペーパーの色は微妙に異なり同じトーンのものはありません。一つの壁紙のパターンは1から8つのカラーが含まれており、それらのカラーは一度にペーパーに付けられます。ピヒルグレン&リトラのトイヤラ工場では多くのパターンが存在しています。


Pihlgren&Ritola CollageWallpaper collage

Did you know that Finland is an interesting country not only for ceramics and tableware, but also for vintage wallpapers? Pihlgren & Ritola (established in 1930) is the oldest still operating wallpaper company in Finland. These days Pilgren & Ritola wallpapers are in big demand – in Finland but also internationally – as they provide such a great backdrop when combined with vintage furniture.

In 1958 Pihlgren & Ritola organized a wallpaper design contest that produced some of the most stunning wallpaper classics of all time. Many notable Finnish designers, including Birger Kaipiainen, Erik Bruun, Annikki Tapiovaara and Ilmari Tapiovaara, took part in the contest. Ritva Kronlund, on the other hand, specialized in designing many memorable retro patterns. The most famous wallpaper design must be ‘Kiurujen yo’ by Birger Kaipiainen.

I absolutely love that Pihlgren & Ritola is still producing its wallpapers by using authentic machines that date back to 1950s. The wallpaper color pigments are still being made by using natural ingredients, such as okra or sienna. Even today, the colors are mixed in the company’s Toijala factory by hand, which makes it so that the colors in different wallpaper rolls may vary a little bit. One wallpaper pattern can include one-to-eight colors, and each color is applied on the paper one at a time. Pihlgren & Ritola factory in Toijala has patterns for thousands of original wallpaper models.

Pihlgren & Ritola is a family-owned company. Last summer, I visited their factory and wallpaper museum in Toijala. The wallpaper museum (established in 1980) is actually the only wallpaper museum there is in the whole of Scandinavia. The place is might be not to easy to access, so I recommend going there by car. It is also worth noting that the museum is open only in June, July and August and only during 13-15. When you arrive, ring the doorbell and somebody will come to greet you. When I visited, I had a lovely tour guide who showed me around the museum with old wallpaper samples and lot’s of original machines. There is also an outlet shop from where you can get wallpaper rolls in reasonable prices. In case you don’t want to bring a whole roll with you, buy a collection of small wallpaper samples – they are great for making small wall art or other crafting projects. I’ll attach a few photos from my trip to Toijala below.