アラビア Faenza Yellow Stripe コーヒーカップ 2点セット No.2.

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Arabia Faenza is a cute retro pattern from the 1970s with a sunny yellow striped illustration. The shape EH was designed by Peter Winquist, and it won an award in the 1970 ceramics biennale organized in a famous Italian ceramics town Faenza – therefore the name. The EH-shape has many characteristics typical for the 1970s ceramics including outward bending and rounded edges, light structure and very carefully designed stackability. Arabia Faenza is great as it can be easily combined with many other modern tableware, for example with Arabia Teema series.

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ブランド: Arabia
デザイナー: Peter Winquist (パターン & モデル EH)
生産期間: 1973-79
サイズ: カップ: 高さ 6 cm, 直径 7.8 cm.
ソーサー: 直径 15 cm
スタンプ: Arabia Wartsila Finland, Arabia Finland (カップ )
Arabia Finland (ソーサー)



These beautiful Arabia Faenza cups are in a recommended vintage condition. The color of the pattern is nice and clear both in the cups and in the saucers. There are some minor signs of usage on both cups and saucers. Please see pictures for more details of condition.




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