アラビア Gardenia コーヒーカップ

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Here we have an Arabia Gardenia coffee cup, designed by Esteri Tomula and in production in the 1970s. Gardenia is one of Esteri Tomula’s most famous designs and a huge favorite among vintage Arabia collectors. Gardenia is a pattern which demonstrates Esteri Tomula’s signature style at its’ best – the extremely fine drawing line and richness of details. The brown and white coloring of this particular Gardenia makes this cup a great addition to any modern table setting.

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ブランド: Arabia
プロダクト: Gardenia コーヒーカップ
デザイナー: パターン Gardenia (Esteri Tomula)
生産時期: 1973-74
カップ:直径 6.2 cm, 高さ:6.5 cm.
ソーサー:直径: 12 cm
スタンプ: Arabia Wartsila Finland



This item is in a recommended vintage condition. The brown and white pattern is bright and clear. A few signs of usage can be seen on the surface if seen closely. The inside of the cup is nice and clean. All in all this item is in a recommended vintage condition.




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